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Specializing in logistics for the Inside Passage...and beyond.

Adventure Logistics and Personalized Trip Planning.

We want to enable you to have your own adventures. And we have the logistical tools to empower you to do so. No groups. No guides. No one-size fits all packages. Your trip. Your way. Custom planning and logistics for your unique adventure.

We believe that you can do anything. We believe the best trips are the ones you accomplish on your own. We don’t mean alone, we just mean empowering you to do it for yourself. Wherever you want to go. Whatever you want to do.

We also believe that there is no replacement for experience. You want advice from someone who has been where you want to go. You want to know exactly which GPS coordinates to observe and which to ignore. You want to know exactly what equipment you need and what is unnecessary. We know because we have already been.

We know that it takes time to plan things properly and to ensure the best possible experience. Leave it to us.

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